Williamstown Lacrosse WWI find.

Williamstown Lacrosse legend and part time WLC historian John “Keka” Butkiewicz found an interesting column in the Clutha Leader, Volume XLIV, Issue 82, 26 April 1918, Page 5.

Excerpt below:

When the members of the Williamstown (Melbourne) Lacrosse Club went to the war they took with them their lacrosse sticks, and they now use them as bomb propellers. The object of taking the sticks was to play lacrosse as opportunity offered, but, according to letters received by relatives in Williamstown, it was found that a bomb could be thrown, by using a lacrosse stick, a distance of about 50 yars, and that a skillful lacrosse player was almost sure of accuracy in the throw.

Below is the extract from the newspaper.