Where do you start? From the late 1960’s to the 1980’s Williamstown players dominated selection in Victorian teams and many Australian teams. The first players selected to represent Australia and tour overseas in 1962 were Graham Hill, Peter Hogg, Ian Jewitt, Eddie Toomey and Les Goding, with Graham Hill and Peter Hogg subsequently relocating to Western Australia. This was the start of the golden era and it is interesting to note that no Williamstown players were selected in the 1959 Australian team to play the visiting American team, which was dominated by Malvern and South Australian players. How things changed in those 3 years from 1959 to 1962?

In terms of recognition we cannot go past John “Keka” Butkiewicz, who is probably acknowledged as the greatest face-off/midfielder of the modern era, who is one of only two lacrosse players inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. But there are so many more who have brilliantly contributed to the success of not only Williamstown, but also Victoria and Australia.

In terms of goal scorers Eddie Toomey led the Victorian goal-throwing with 147 goals in 1967 and in his 206 game career with Williamstown from1960-1972 he threw 1181 goals. Alan Rolley in his 355 game career with Williamstown from 1961-1982 (Plus one game in 1985) threw 1677 goals. Eddie Toomey threw over 100 goals in 6 seasons and Alan Rolley threw over 100 goals in 5 years.

In terms of awards John Butkiewicz was the first player to win the Don Hobbs Trophy for the most valuable player at a carnival, winning it in 1987, followed by John Brewer (1999), Ryan Garnsworthy (2003) and Noah Jennings (2016).

The “Isaachsen”, for the best and fairest player across Australia in club competition, has been won by only one player from “Willy”, Rod Cordell (1972).

The Vince Healy Trophy, for the best and fairest player in Victoria, has been won by Alan Rolley (1965 & 1969), Eddie Toomey (1967), Rod Cordell (1970 & 1972), John Butkiewicz (1975), Darren Gibson (1995), Scott Garnsworthy (2004), and Sean Clarke (2018).