• Governance

    Click on the following links to view the Williamstown Lacrosse Club policies.

    Child Safe Policy

    Code Of Conduct

  • Committee 2018

    Committee Members for the 2018 season are: President - Robert Speakman Vice-President - Wayne Butson Treasurer - Matt Price Secretary - Jock Garnsworthy Junior Co-Ordinator - Carl Radford Junior Devel…

  • Playing Fees

    The fees for playing lacrosse at Williamstown Lacrosse Club are competitive (even cheap) when compared with other sports and other lacrosse clubs and the club works hard to keep your fees do…

  • Teams 2018

    WLC Teams for the 2018 Season:   Team Coach(es) - State League Damien Orr / Lee Davis - Division 1 Mark Butler - Division 2 Michael Kindred / Shannon Beckman - Division 3 Simon Brown - Under 17 C…

  • Club History

    Williamstown Lacrosse Club has a long and proud history. Of all the sports clubs in Williamstown, the Lacrosse Club is perhaps the club that represents the spirit of this once quiet seaside village an…

  • WLC Statistics

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